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ASK YOURSELF : Do I have adequate Insurance to rebuild my home in the event of a fire? Do I want replacement cost on the building and the contents? Do I have my personal possessions covered correctly? What is the Medical Coverage on my policy? What limits of liability coverage do I want? Our rates for earthquake damage will surprise more than the quake itself! We are here to help answer these questions!

When you need Insurance in Utah, let us give you a quote!

Morse Insurance Agency

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What we do?

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Testimonials from Happy Clients

“I have been a customer of Morse Insurance Agency for many years and have always appreciated their high level of customer service in responding to any questions or concerns about my policies. Several months ago, my home flooded while I was on vacation. Having never gone through this situation before, I was a little worried. Now that we are back in our home and all of the repairs have been completed, I am amazed at what a positive and successful experience we had. Morse Insurance Agency was responsive from day 1 and worked closely with us each step of the way. For every question or concern we had, they were there to guide us through and made sure that we were taken care of. I would recommend them to anyone.”-

- Brent A.

“David Morse has been my agent for more years than either of us want to count. He takes great care of my family's insurance needs. In fact, now my children have insurance with him. Keep up the good work Morse Insurance!”

- Cindy

“I had a car accident in 2013. Dee was so helpful with all the insurance issues that I was able to heal with no worries. That is why we buy insurance is so we don't have to worry about fighting for our benefits. Thanks!”

-John G.

Our insurance coverage offered with 5% deductible.